S/. 5 Wine on Pizza St., Lima, Peru

A while back, Tom and I were chillin’ on Pizza St. like we enjoy doing. We’d just arrived and were ready to play some poker, but we weren’t sure what we were going to drink.  
Our habit was to buy a bottle of Johnny Walker Black label and then leave it at the restaurant if we didn’t finish it (they saved it for us on a special shelf in the back).  However, most of the time we did in fact manage to polish off one of those bottles (they’re only 750 ml, and that so 375 is about right for three or four hours of hanging out).
Well, we were getting tired of the old routine, so we grabbed the menu and tried to figure out something else to drink.  From past experience, I know it’s best to avoid Pina Coladas (too sweet and expensive) and Pisco Sours (again, you need something that’s SLOW to drink like Whiskey if you plan on hanging out a long time, Pisco Sours go down fast).
Anyway, after perusing the menu, we noticed that there was a house wine for S/. 5.  I figured that any glass of wine that was less than 2 dollars had to be AWESOME, so we both ordered it.
The first amazing thing about this S/. 5 glass of wine was that they basically filled the wine glass to the top.  That alone was enough to make me euphoric.  The thing I hate about NICE bars is that they serve you this tiny dollop of wine and then charge you fifty bucks for it.  At Los Incas on Pizza St., they serve you a WHOLE GLASS and charge you a buck fifty.  Los Incas is obviously better.
We sipped at the wine and were amazed that it didn’t take like absolute shit.  In fact, I’ve paid ten or fifteen bucks for a glass of wine that wasn’t as good as that S/. 5 swill.  So, delighted with our purchase, we drank and played cards.
I think we switched back over to whiskey at the end of the first glass…but it was still a worthwhile and effective experiment.
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