Sacred Valley Hotel: Pisaq Inn

A Tremendous Hotel In the Sacred Valley

The Pisaq inn is a great little hotel at the base of some of the most spectacular ruins in the Sacred Valley. Pisaq is a must see city on your Sacred valley tour. It’s a quiet little mountain city away from the hustle and bustle of Cusco. Pisaq also boasts the best market of the Sacred Valley. However, there aren’t a lot of options for lodging, so getting your reservation for the Pisaq inn early is vital to organizing your Peruvian tour.

The Pisaq inn is a one stop shop. The restaurant is great offering an economical but gourmet menu perfect for all tastes. They also have a wonderful breakfast in the morning. Throughout Peru, vegetarian plates are universally available, usually featuring quinoa as a nutritive element.

The rooms are cozy and clean. There is hot water and electricity, plus a commons room television, but you will probably be too busy to watch TV during your trip. The Pisaq inn also has a couple nice quiet reading areas. There is also a mini-library available at the hotel so there’s no need to carry your own books on your tour.

Pisaq Inn Hotel Room


The Pisaq ruins are right out the door from the hotel. I usually recommend hiking them from the bottom up (instead of top down) as most of the tourists do. Doing the hike backwards makes it an intense workout, and usually takes about 2.5 hours to ascend, and perhaps 1.5 to descend.

I usually incorporate the Pisaq Inn after a day in Cusco. You get up early, check in at the hotel, have a quick lunch, hike the ruins, then return to relax in the hotel or check out the market.  It’s a fully day, and you’ll be ready to crash in those comfortable beds. You can usually get a room here for under $100. Dinners will be around $20 per person. It is a very affordable and very comfortable Inn. I’ve stayed there on three separate occasions and I’ve never had a problem.

Address: Plaza Constitución 333, Pisac, Peru


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  1. Tom

    I want to visit Peru with my dog (75lbs).

    I was wondering if you might suggest a few towns or areas (rural is ok), where me and my dog could be, for awhile, since…we go everywhere together,safely? I dont mind staying in a village for a few weeks, and then move elsewhere.
    Thing is, I dont want to stand out with my dog, since we’d be a duo, basically.

    Is it highly uncommon to see “dog-owners” walking about with their best friend?

    Thank you.

  2. 11/20/2016

    There are a ton of dogs in Lima, most of them stray just roaming the streets in packs. I’ve been on runs and come across stray Rottweilers before (freaky). There are quite a few parks in Lima. There are commonly people with dogs on the Costa Verde for example. The traffic is loud, however, so I don’t know how much your dog would like it. Cineguilla would be a good choice (on the outskirts of Lima), but getting there would be a bit of a trick. You’d have to hire a taxi I suppose.

    Once you get into Cusco or the country you’d be fine. I don’t think you can bring a dog into Machu Picchu however. But for the most part, Peru is very dog friendly.

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