Sacsayhuaman Stone Sentinels

I’ve probably written more articles about Sacsayhuaman than any other set of ruins in Peru, but what that should tell you is that when you find some cheap flights to Peru for you and your friends, you should pretty much go straight up to Cusco and see this place!

I’ve been there about fifteen different times, and I’m still overwhelmed by the place every time I go.
What I’ve been told is that parts of Sacsayhuaman were torn down by the Spaniards, and the stones were used to build churches and the like, that’s why places along the wall at Sacsayhuaman look somewhat incomplete:
Still, the majesty of those multi-ton pillars rising up into the air is hard to argue with.  I guess the majority of Sacsayhuaman still stands because the Spaniards were too lazy to make churches out of the REALLY big stones that the Incas had meticulously polished and put into place.
Sacsayhuaman is one of those places you can easily burn off four or five hours.  Now, as I write that I’m sure people are shaking their heads in disagreement, but you see, going to these places isn’t about just jumping out of the tour van, snapping a picture for your Facebook profile, and then getting back into your car so you can go back to the hotel and drink Pisco Sours all night.  The thing you should do when traveling to Peru is just take the time to sit down and absorb the atmosphere for 12 to 15 hours.  Watch the tourists come rambling in, get a feel for the difference between the tourists and the locals.
That’s why you travel after all, now isn’t it?
And if you haven’t traveled in a while, book a flight and see what kind of adventures you can get into!
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