Salvador Dali in Lima, Peru

Yep, there he is! The other weekend my wife and I were doing the Mirabus tour through the center of lima and I was happily taking pictures of everyone and everything. Suddenly, out of the blue, I saw this picture of Salvador Dali glaring at me from a wall, so I whipped out my trusty blackberry (because my Nikon coolpix had died by then…darn batteries) and I snapped this image of Dali.

The darn thing about those cellphone cameras is that they always need to think to themselves for five minutes before taking a photo. You hit the button and they’re like, “oh…photo opportunity? Y-A-W-N…yeah, just give me a minute…grumble, grumble…”

Then, before your eyes, the screen kind of lazilly changes to the picture image and you’re able to, hopefully, snap the picture you’ve been desperately holding out on. Most of the time all you get is a blurry image of whatever was going on five seconds AFTER whatever it was you WANTED a picture of…but oh well, human beings don’t really want or know what’s best for them…thank you Blackberry…thank you for giving me the picture I DESERVE I guess.

Well, in this case at least, the picture was more or less what I was aiming for, although I would have liked to have the image more centered and straight on, but oh well.

Incidentally, this picture is just a few blocks from the house of the American Ambassador in Lima, and no, he doesn’t live in a small shack with no hot water like government officials should…sigh, in my perfect world, things would be different.


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