Say no to Child Sexual Tourism!

I snapped this picture when I was in the airport in Iquitos. Isn’t it crazy how no matter how much you see and do in life, you always come across something that you never knew existed? For example, I was watching the discovery channel the other day and…although you’d THINK by the time you hit 34 (as I am) you would have heard of every single animal that’s out there…all you have to do is watch the discovery channel for five minutes before they start trotting out footage of some crazy creatures that look like they belong in a Star Wars movie, except George Lucas would never put them in a Star Wars movie because nobody’d ever BELIEVE that creatures could actually exist in any type of reality.

Anyway, I innocently got off the plane in Iquitos and here’s this sticker on some innocent display case saying “No to Child Sexual Tourism!”


And on top of that their image is that of a child in a suitcase! What the hell kind of world is this?

I’m not really sure on the specifics, and to be fair, I know of quite a few charitable programs where good hearted people have come to Peru to open orphanages and whatnot, but still, you see a sticker like this and it kind of blows your mind. I mean, the fact that there is a TERM for this kind of thing (and it probably didn’t originate in Peru for that matter) where pedophiles come from other countries and go “on the hunt” as it were…it’s just disgusting.

You know, for as much of a fuss as the US puts up about people from other coutries coming to America, you’d think we’d do some background checking before we let sick perverts fly to other countries as well. I mean, Peru certainly doesn’t need to be inflicted with the worst America has to offer (or any other country).

You know what? I think “Say no to Child Sexual Tourism” would be a good name for a documentary. The documentary would consist of me hunting down pedophiles in Iquitos and beating them to death with my bear hands while filming it. I probably wouldn’t win at Cannes…but I should.

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