Screw Your Judgmental Religion!

I’m almost done with my student teaching which is a relief because I’m having trouble remembering which blatant contradictions are deemed “acceptable” by the standards of a typical Wisconsin community.
For example, we’re supposed to stress a tolerance (and rightly so) of homosexuality, but then we’re also supposed to stress a tolerance of religion.  Excuse me if I’m wrong but it seems to me as if one of the major opponents to the rights of homosexuals are the major religions of the world.
Speaking of that, religions pretty much screw things up for everybody always.  When I’m standing in front of a class, I’m supposed to express respect for all beliefs…except that MY belief happens to be that all religions are steaming piles of shit and a total waste of the time and energy of the human race.  Yet if I express THAT belief, somehow people pressure me into thinking I’m doing something wrong.
Don’t the students have a right to hear an authority figure say that religion is bullshit if that’s what that authority figure believes?
I hate this wishy washy mentality that you have to be accepting of all things.  That sounds real nice and all, but the fact is if you don’t piss some people off along the way you’re just a gutless piece of shit.
For example, any religion that promotes, accepts or endorses the abuse, mistreatment, or mutilation of children should be wiped off the face of the earth in a tremendous ball of fire.
Fuck those guys!  It’s just what I believe.  If you abuse children you deserve to die, and I think that I have a right to be open about that belief in a public school system.
But the other thing about religion that makes me angry is that every single one of them takes all the most basic human activities, and then vilifies them so that they can make their constituents feel guilty and thus have power over them.
Oh…you have SEX?  Well, you’ve done something WRONG and you should ask forgiveness of ME….
I’m surprised that a religion hasn’t come along that tells its followers that they are evil for taking a morning shit.
“You need cleansing my son/daughter, that shit is the devil crawling up your anus…please donate $5000 to my church for every bowel movement this month.”
What a crock.
I’m sure the mystical dolphin people in the above photo managed to exploit plenty of good and hard working individuals like all religions do.
Religion is a crock of shit…please respect my right to hold this belief.
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