Serenazgo Beat Stick

I grabbed this shot just before the Lima Media Marathon a couple years ago. It’s blurry because you never are overt about taking a picture of a police officer, even when that police officer is a Serenazgo.  You can see his little leather beat stick stuffed in the small of his back there.  It almost looks like he’s wearing a bicycle helmet too…whatever that means.
I really don’t understand the whole Serenazgo phenomenon.  They’re like powerless cops that walk around Lima and say “Oye” a lot.  I’m not sure they have the power to arrest anyone, or even intervene in a conflict. If anyone knows, I’d like to hear the origins of the word Serenazgo.  We always used to joke that it sounded like Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings.
In any case, Serenazgo are the perfect street authority figures to run away from, should they happen to give chase.  The only down side is that sometimes they’re armed with Rottweilers, and those kind of dogs always forget that they have no governmental authority to rip your throat out.  I’ve never seen one of those street Rottweilers in action…I’m kind of glad of that honestly.
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