Serpost, when your package absolutely has to arrive…

You’ll find these little Serpost offices all over Lima. Essentially they’re the post office of Peru, and honestly I haven’t had bad luck with them yet. Generally the prices of sending a package with Serpost is essentially nothing (and the way I arrived at that value was to take the typical price of a Serpost fee per ounce [or whatever] and I divided it by the typical price of a FedEx fee [also per ounce since you have to divide like terms to get any kind of reasonable comparison]…anyway, when you divide a very small number by a very LARGE number you always get a result that approaches zero, and seriously, have you ever tried to send anything with FedEX?  It’s like a Bazillion dollars to send a mosquito wing…I don’t CARE if it gets there YESTERDAY, that’s too frickin’ much…Serpost will get it there ten years from tomorrow…but it still gets there).

Also, Serpost is a great place to meet traveling backpackers with a big stack of post cards.  As you wait in line with them, they’re more than likely to start telling you their entire life story, and it’s sure to be awesome since they’re actually TRAVELLING, not just sitting around in some damn cubicle somewhere like most of the boring ass dipshits of the world (look, you don’t need to spend $1500 a month on your house, just live in the street and put the money in the bank).
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