Shehadi In Miraflores, Peru, is Way Overpriced (and the waitresses are NOT interested in you)

I swear, the more anonymous comments I get, the more annoying it is.  It’s seriously getting to the point where I don’t even want to check the comments I get on this web page, which is a shame since 9 out of 10 are actually positive.  Still, all it takes is that one idiot to really get you all fired up.  For example, here’s the latest stupid comment I’ve received:

you should all get a life. Shehadi has a great cost/quality ratio. I don’t understand when foreigners look for the s15 lomo saltado, they have to know that what they are eating is not lomo fino. Nobady should eat a lomo saltado or tallarin saltado de lomo and pay less than what Shehadi charges s/ 28.. To break it down, if lomo costs s/40 per kilo, and the porcion size is about 150grams, just the meat costs about s/6. Add the rice, noodles, ingredientes, vegetables, etc, and you’re easily at 8-9 soles. Cost of food at any restaurant is normally 30% in Peru, the US or china, and you have a menu price of s/27.

Now, I can only assume that it must be somebody who either owns or has invested in Peru that’s writing this piece of drivel since the content of the comment is so blatantly wrong.  

How do I know it’s wrong?

Well, for your information, I worked as a restaurant critic in Peru for a year.  I’ve been to about 100 of Lima’s best restaurants and let me tell you that you PAY WAY TOO MUCH for what you get in Shehadi.  In fact, I would say that Shehadi is the most overpriced restaurant in all of Peru.

In the last article I wrote about Shehadi, I mentioned that it used to be one of the favorite meeting places for my friends and I.  They used to have the best pizza in all of Peru and we used to go there frequently if not daily (that’s how good it was).  Sure, even then it was a little too expensive, but we put up with it due to the great location.

But then APEC happened and they raised their prices 30% across the board, which is totally unacceptable.  Shehadi could get back into my good graces, all they have to do is drop S/. 10 off every menu item and they’re right there.

Seriously, to say that their prices are reasonable is simply absurd.  You shouldn’t be spending the same amount at Shehadi as you’re spending at Astrid and Gaston.  The fact is, for the money you can get food that’s 3 or 4 times what you get at Shehadi.

I don’t know where the extra money goes, I was talking to a fellow who knows one of the waitresses and they don’t get paid any more than any other waitress anywhere in Miraflores.

Oh, speaking of that, I tend to get about 30 search hits a month for “a waitress’s name at Shehadi” (I was going to put her name, but then I decided I didn’t want to get her in trouble).  I guess the girl’s breaking a lot of hearts because that’s absolutely ridiculous (and kind of funny really).  She’s not into you boys…just let it go…

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  1. 09/27/2016

    I agree that you should treat the waitresses right…but that pretty much goes for everywhere.

    Yeah, the almuerzo "menu" is pretty good. However if you happen to get to Shehadi at 4:30 (or whenever it was) and there's a change of shift…you might be waiting a looooooong time.

    The positives about Shehadi are that it's right on the main drag and it has better quality food than most places that you just walk in. The ambiance is nice, and you can people watch as you eat…which is fun. But they seriously charge Astrid & Gaston prices.

    I guess like Hines says…you should go for their menu and nothing else.

  2. 09/27/2016

    Since I've been to Shehadi with you personally many times I feel obligated to reply to your post. It is indeed way overpriced for their regular menu. The almuerzo "menu", however, is excellent and a great value because the food is outstanding. The service is great and the atmosphere as well.

    The evening service is where I do in fact agree with you. The dinner menu is very overpriced and the Lomo Saltado is not THAT great. They play live jazz music at nights and you have to shout at the person next to you. The venue is way too small to have such loud live music.

    The waitresses are nice, some are cute and a couple are very flirty. The ones that stand out front are extremely friendly and are instructed to to be that way to pull in all the gringos. You may get one of their numbers if you're a nice clean cut gentleman and maybe even get yourself a date. In my experience these girls are hard working and very nice so treat them right if you're lucky enough to get date.

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