Side Street Dwellings in Lima

Here’s just another random picture I took while walking along in Lima. I believe I was on 2 de Mayo, which is kind of a busy/unpleasant street. However, if you look to the left and right as you’re walking along, you sometimes see little alleys like this that lead to kind of quiet apartments hidden back away from the mainstream.

On the one hand, you can see how this would be a beneficial way to make a building. If you’re going to have an open area, it’s much better to have it on the side, or in the back of the building, than in the space that faces the street. Street facing space is more or less wasted, but alley facing space feels like a quiet little private niche.

However, do you think you’d feel safe walking up and down this little corridor at night all by yourself? It kind of looks like a perfect spot to ambush someone doesn’t it?

Oh well…there are no perfect solutions for anything!

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