Sofia Has Learned to Talk on Cell Phones

Before I start getting a billion different comments about how children shouldn’t talk on cell phones, let me just point out that my daughter is talking on a TOY cell phone that we got her to try and distract her from the REAL/EXPENSIVE cell phones that so entice her.  For those of you who have ever had a baby, you know that they never fall for the “toy” cell phone trick, and can instantly recognize that the fifty cent toy is just a piece of garbage that isn’t even CLOSE to being as interesting as the real thing.

The other thing about having kids, however, is that if you videotape them playing with a toy, even if it’s the only time in their whole LIVES that they played with that toy, you kind of create a false history that the toy was a success.
Take the above clip in which Sofia does a pretty good imitation of what I assume is ME talking on the phone. I like how she throws a couple random actual words in there like “huevos” (Spanish for “eggs” for those of you who didn’t know).  She’s very polite though, and says both “hello” and “goodbye” even if the phone is already closed by the time she says it.
Incidentally, our pediatrician was totally blown away by how smart Sofia is (she did the phone trick at the Dr.’s office).  Let me just say that you never know pride until you hear somebody compliment your child.

Oh, and for those of you who missed it, here’s another video of Sofia presumably imitating how I look while I sit at home and write all these articles.

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