Some Guy Holding a Tree Sloth in the Peruvian Jungle

File this one under random wierd photos that I’ve taken over the years. Here’s a guy who has his own little place on the border of the Amazon river. Occasionally he walks into the wilderness and finds animals there which he picks up and brings home so that they might live out the rest of their day in a chicken-wire cage being oogled by the occasional dazed tourist (ooofff, mind freeze, instead of tourists, I accidentally typed “terrorist,” it never occured to me all the similarities between those two words, both in form and in meaning).

Looking at this photo makes me think a couple things. First of all is the thought that fashion has no place in the jungle. Everybody wears those big rubber boots. But seriously, when you’re in the jungle, you might as well dress drab because the place is so stinkin’ beautiful that you aren’t going to have any attention drawn to you no matter how “fashionable” you think you are. The Peruvian rainforest is great for cutting to the quick, after being there for about five seconds, you are reminded of what the deeper truths of the world are (and it’s good to reconnect with those from time to time…there’s a word for the constant state of disconnectedness most people experience, that word is “crazy”).

Anyway, this photo also makes me laugh at the idea that some zoologist might look at this photo and recoil in horror that this regular guy might be handling this wild animal and doing it, at least in the zoologist’s opinion “incorrectly.” Of course, what the overeducated idiot zoologist would have failed to recognize is that the fact that this guy in the above foto has LIVED in the animals indigenous region for his WHOLE life makes him a PRETTY CERTIFIABLE EXPERT on how to handle a Amazonian sloth (or whatever you call that animal).

I suppose I have a certain amount of contept for the over educated. Mostly it’s because while I was out there in the world gaining experience and ability, they were just sitting in classrooms patting themseleves on the back and awarding themselves certificates as to how intelligent they are. Something about the whole education concept just drives me nuts (I do have a bachelor’s degree by the way in case you were wondering…biggest waste of time ever…I learned more in my first four months in Peru than in my whole college career).

Anyway, I guess it just depends on my mood, there are days when I like to sit down and have a real snooty conversation using a bunch of words that fell out of common use over four decades ago. But there are other times when I like to just crawl around in the jungle and pick up whatever weird hairy creature I can find. Today is the second of those kind of days.

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