Spectacular Photos of Choquequriao

Well folks, there is some kind of election going on in the US today, but I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about that.  The older and the smarter I get, the less I find myself commenting on things.  Honestly, if all I ever did was use this page to publish awesome photos of the marvelous ruins of Peru, I’m sure it’d be 10 times more popular than it is now..although I don’t necessarily know if more popularity is what I need.

The last time I posted something about Choquequirao was here. If you haven’t read that article, go back and have a look at it now, in fact, go back and read all my articles on Choquequirao. It’s a pretty amazing place and the statistical probability is that almost none of you are ever going to go there (sorry…but statistics tell the truth).

Incidentally, I’m scheduled to do a couple programs at Midwest Mountaineering in the Twin Cities on November 17th. If you happen to be in the Twin Cities and want to meet me…swing by.  Here’s the program. Sheesh, I’ll have to be careful about doing too many things like this or people will start to take me seriously which is the last thing I want.

Here are some more photos of Choquequirao:

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