Stosh: An Album for the Eons–Complete Lyrics to See You in the Yucatan

One of the nice things about having a snarky blog like this is that you are occasionally given free stuff to review. Those of you who read this frequently know I do a lot of Indie book reviews, but the other day I received my first Indie album in the mail (I’m getting awesome stuff…not like this guy who is making the best of what he gets). After giving that disc a hard listen or two, here is what I posted on Amazon:
Five Stars: Warren Zevon with a bit more edge
This is a fun, bluesy album that gives you the sense that there is a tremendous back story behind every lyric. My personal favorite track was “See You in the Yucatan” a driving ballad that includes a line about a heroic “jump across the great divide.” The bluesy accompaniments are perfect for a night of driving around the snow-covered back-roads of northern Wisconsin, on a quest for that last weary gas station to offer Natty Ice and sell it at 4 in the morning.
Also, take a good, hard look at the album art. The word “Stosh” hovers among various images from a bygone, mysterious place. Who is that mysterious, porcelain (or is it concrete) figure to the right of the giant letter “S”? What kind of hamburgers are those? And next to the Indian head by the letter T…is that the name of a town? Where can I buy the sombrero ashtray on the back?
For those of you who are fed up with the monotonous mainstream sound that is just a mindless echo of American Idol “Stosh” is the disk to pick up. If you’ve ever shut off the radio in disgust while screaming, “there’s never anything good on the air,” then this is the album you MUST buy. You’ve exclaimed your desires to the universe…now the universe has answered. You better answer back since, believe me, you don’t want the universe angry with you.
I was most enamored with the Track “See You in the Yucatan” and I was disappointed that the album didn’t contain any linear notes. I mentioned this to “Stosh” and he said the reason for that was that most of the songs were written on napkins, coasters, and the plastic covers of paper towel dispensers you find in cheap gas stations. However, he surprised me a few days later by sending me an email with the complete lyrics (This way you won’t have to go to some Uzbekistan-hosted “complete lyric” site that will just infest your computer with viruses).
Without further ado, the complete lyrics of “See You in the Yucatan”:

The great, lost midwestern dead cowboy epic:

See You in the Yucatan
He was as hungry as the desert’s large
Heard a rumor in a burnt down bar
With dusty whiskey and rattlesnake guitars
And a skeleton smoking a fat cigar
He told him close but no perfecto
Flames from the ground about waist high
Did the skeleton tell a juicy lie?
Did he hear his name, or did someone just die?
Grabbed his gun and put holes in the sky
Only to hear some laughter
Up on the ridge a cowboy in black
The new moon reflects of his cataracts
“Be careful” he says “something might shoot back”
And after a question the cowboy just laughs
And says “my name is Leonard Buck”
“I’ll tell you the secret of The Great Divide
You need a fast car and have God on your side
And when you reach the void you can’t have any fear
Just open it up and punch it out of here”
Then Leonard Buck laughed and turned to smoke
Stole the Virgin Mary from a front yard scene
She’s riding shotgun in his IROC-Z
He’ll hit the gas until she screams
Or until he sees God sitting in the backseat
And the devil in his rearview
Rumor about him living came from far and wide
People couldn’t believe it but the man can drive
I tell ’em I saw him jump The Great Divide
And live to tell the tale when he hit the other side
When they ask me how I make up a lie
But I know he left all fear behind
Open the throttle leave fear behind
Tallant, open the throttle leave fear behind (outro)

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