According to one of my readers, torrential rains at Cusco caused a section of Sacsayhuaman to get washed out and to topple over. I kind of find that hard to believe since the structure has stood there for centuries and it seems odd that all it took was a bit of rain to knock it down…still, stranger things have been known to happen. If somebody who is reading this is in Cusco right now, could you do me a favor? Grab a taxi and swing by Sacsayhuaman and see if there is a huge chunk missing with a bunch of guys with back-hoes frantically standing there trying to put it back together. If so, snap a couple pictures with your ipone and send them my way!

Sigh…isn’t it a drag that you can’t be at all corners of the earth at the same time? Or maybe that’s a blessing, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

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