Sushi Is Where It’s At

Man, nothing beats a good block of wood covered in Sushi!  I love it that that’s the way they serve it too.  Come on folks, if they gave you any other type of food on a block of wood like that you’d get all bent out of shape, but because it’s Sushi, the imbeciles of the world act like they’re all culturally programmed and they don’t put up any kind of stink.

Honestly folks, I eat BREAKFAST CEREAL off a block of wood.

The above Sushi is from Centolla, which is a little restaurant just a couple blocks from my house.  People say it’s only a “middle of the road” Sushi house in Peru (which means it’s pretty good since the Sushi down here is generally awesome), but I think it’s just fine.  Faced with the choice of driving 50 minutes or so to go to Hanzo (which is reportedly the best) or just walk 5 minutes and go to Centolla, I’m taking the five minute walk every time.

Actually, that brings up another interesting difference between Peruvians and Americans.  Peruvians will invariably pick the quality place that is a million miles away, over the slightly lower quality place that is RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE!  Travel time just simply doesn’t fit into their equation.  My personal equation is HEAVILY biased to accommodate for travel time.

Anyway, for those of you who are curious, the address for Centolla is: Av. Dos de mayo 729 – Miraflores, Lima – Perú

Be warned, if you type that into a Google map search, it gives you the completely wrong address (well, it still shows Dos de Mayo…but the address is in the completely wrong place–I pointed out the correct location in the map below, you’re welcome). 
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