Suyt’uqhatu, the Best Street Name Ever!

This is why you travel to foreign countries…to see collections of letters you NEVER, in a million years, would have conceived of putting together.

I mean seriously, Suyt’uqhato?  It sounds like the bounty hunter home world from Star Wars or something.
And honestly, this isn’t even all that strange of a name compared to some of the ones you see as you walk the streets of Cusco.  Then again, I shouldn’t really call them “strange” since they’re just different than the names I grew up with.
When you think of it, Mississippi is a pretty strange name, and the river that was nearest me when I was young was the Namekagon.  Still, when you start throwing apostrophes in there, you reach a whole new level of coolness.
Also, you can’t really pronounce this name without saying “Kuato,” and we all know that Kuato lives (thus, adding another level of awesome).
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