Terminator Salvation at the Ovalo de Gutierrez

Well, here’s the ticket counter at the cineplanet Alcazar at the Ovalo de gutierrez. See how they have nifty plasma screens to show what movies are going to be on? Isn’t that cute and high tech and sexy? Isn’t that frickin’ awesome? Isn’t it a big pain in the frickin’ ass when the only message it displays is “no signal!”


What happened to a big black board with little white plastic letters that somebody changes by hand once a week? That system worked FINE! We don’t need an evil global defense system run by a superinteligent computer hell-bent on eliminating the human race to upload the damn movie times for the love of God!

Not only is the stupid plasma TV system at Gutierrez frequently disfunctional, it also is persnickety about what times it displays. It just sits there and casually scrolls through the times and then shows stupid ads so you can’t just sit there and read them, you have to speed read them for fear of having to sit through another rerun of that annoying and sexist preview of Ice Age 3! Oh, and get this, if a movie just started, like if it started 30 seconds ago, the screen doesn’t display it. So if you are like me and you like to go to films and only watch the FILM and not a bunch of local ads for beauty shops and funeral homes, you can’t pick a movie that started five minutes earlier (with the calculated hope of missing the local ads, yet still seeing the previews). Gutierrez plasma simply doesn’t show them!

God it’s annoying…the only thing that pacifies me at moments of rage like this, is the following video:

Speaking of Christian Bale, I just got back from “Terminator Salvation.” Just the pure crazy Bale factor made the movie acceptable, I mean, this is a guy who got thrown in jail for beating up his own mom (or at least hassled over it, nobody really arrests Christian Bale, they just trash his lights). I mean seriously, Bale just inhabits another world from the rest of us. Here’s a guy who can actually make you believe that killer robots and dragons are after him. Frickin’ Robert DeNiro can’t do that. John Connor seems like the kind of crazy mad man role that Bale was born to play. My only issues with the film were in the editing department. There were at least 6 lack of continuity scenes where you momentarily have to sit there and go, “wha….” as it seems the film has skipped ahead and you’ve missed something (perhaps this was just a by product of watching this in a Peruvian movie theatre…maybe I actually DID miss something…but I think it was lack of continuity bullshit by the editor). I liked the fact that the guy they cast to play Kyle Reese kind of looked like Michael Biehn (is that how you spell the guy’s name….Mr. “You don’t understand! There is a robot from the future come to kill her!”–this is what he tells the police, hahaha, it’s one of the great scenes of cinematic frustration). The newer younger Reese is the newer younger Checkov (that can’t be how you spell that…but who gives a crap).

But really, isn’t it amazing that none of the other Terminator movies have come even close to that sensation of…you just can’t KILL that frickin’ thing, that the first one does? That first terminator just keeps coming and coming and coming. I don’t know if it was because I was 13 when I first watched that, or if it was just a better made film, or WHAT, just that I had frickin’ nightmares after Terminator and none of the other ones were even close (although the second one is damn good).

Frankly, I think Cameron is probably just a better director than the at least two other guys to man the Terminator post…but they’ve got Bale now, so that should produce some classic moments, although instead of “I’ll be back,” Bale should have said, “you and I are done professionally” I would have CHEERED!

Oh, and doesn’t it seem like they’re just sort of running around in a warehouse in the end? Too similar to the conclusions of 1 and 2, been there…done that…but I appreciate the scar backstory (don’t we see that scar in 1?).

God…if only they’d get that screen fixed at Alcazar, what don’t they frickin’ understand?

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  1. Dawson

    What an overall dissappointment that movie was!

    I'd prefer to watch "The reign of fire" and Terminator 2 in a Terminators&Dragons-theme-night at your home cinema room!

    Ever since Christian Bale in Batman Begins had to kiss that robot, which was sent back from a Tom Cruise out of the Scientology-controlled future to replace Kate Holmes, he is just no good anymore…DON'T YOU SEE THAT?????

    P.S. Watching special effect based movies at El Pacífico is even worse an experience than the plasma screens at Alcázar…;-)))

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