The American Women’s Literary Club in Lima

Here’s the brochure for the “American Women’s Literary Club in Lima.” I found out about them when I was editing for the ACAP magazine. My initial hope was that I could contact them and have a few of them be inspired to write articles for me (I was constantly in search of articles when I was working with ACAP), but I couldn’t get anything out of them.
I also kind of hoped that they’d put aside the sexist “women’s literary club” part and make it just “literary club” so that I could get involved and read some books with them and offer my insightful comments at their meetings, but it turned out they didn’t want to make it a more egalitarian group…and they really didn’t get together for meetings, or actually read too many books together either.
But all that was a couple years ago, maybe things have changed.   I believe you can get their contact information by clicking on the brochures of the images above and below, so be my guest and contact them!
I’m kind of looking forward to starting up some book clubs when I’m an old fuddy-duddy.  The truth is, sitting around and listening to people’s asinine comments about a book they just read is more or less what getting a degree in English Literature is.  Actually, half the time the people that talked the most never even read the required reading.
All this was usually done under the sleepy eye of a college professor who just stared at us with irritation if nobody had anything to say.  Just to be clear…not ALL the teachers were like that, and I used to search out professors who spent the whole time lecturing.  The way I figured it, I wasn’t paying the inflated price of college credits to listen to the senseless rantings of my uneducated classmates.
There’s a good scene about book clubs in the beginning of the Steve Carell film “Date Night,” where he’s stuck in a reading group reading some book about women in the Taliban sneaking away at night to go and have their period out in the desert.  Actually, there are a LOT of books written about that subject lately.  Somebody needs to ask the “American Women’s Literary Club in Lima” if they have any such fare on their reading list.
Somebody needs to write a book about the oppression and exploitation of men (it’s an oppression and exploitation that’s been highly overlooked).  After all, men are more prone to alcoholism, depression, jail time, and suicide.  They’re clearly the more oppressed gender…and they’re even further oppressed by the fact that if you point this out you’re almost universally assured of being laughed right out of the room.
Guess I’ll just go off and sneak into MY OWN desert and have a MANstruation moment.  That’s right ladies, my feminine side is menstruating and I feel like I deserve a little damn sympathy.
But seriously, get in touch with the American Women’s Literary Club…see what they have to say. 
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