The Audacity of Hope

What do you think of my title for this blog? It’s a little pretentious I know, but I find it ironically amusing…

Anyway, this is me back in the 2007 Super Bowl trying to wish some luck upoon the raffle ticket I was handed at the door. You know how it is, you walk into some place and they announce that they’re going to have some crappy raffle for some item you don’t even want at a quarter past 4 in the morning, so you hang around drinking drink after drink, handing over handful after handful of cash hoping to WIN that stupid item you didn’t even want. And as the night goes on it doesn’t even become a matter of WANTING to win the raffle item…by then you’ve spent so much that you NEED to win the raffle item…and the thing is winning it won’t even get you back to EVEN, it will just get you back to a place where you can ALMOST look at yourself in the morning as you sip your coffee and iron your shirt and sift aimlessly through the want ads hoping against hope to find something worthy of your dignity, but secretly knowing you don’t have any left.

Actually that wasn’t the case with me that night, I won just about everything…well not the poker game or with my raffle ticket, but Zulma won with hers, so I guess I didn’t have to throw my ticket down to the table in fury at the end of every drawing (but I did so anyway…because sometimes exuberance is WARRANTED)!

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