The Cave at Q’enqo

During your trip to Peru (Cheap tickets) when you buy your Boleto Turistico to get into Sacsayhuman, you’ll also have an entry ticket to places like Q’enqo which is just up the road.

Q’enqo (or Kenko as I believe they write it on wikipedia for some incomprehensible reason) is a pretty cool set of ruins that was quite obviously used for ritualistic sacrifice from time to time.  As opposed to other sets of ruins in the Sacred Valley which are primarily forts, Q’enqo just feels like some sort of temple.
There are several very interesting rock formations that have been smoothed out within Q’enqo.  One of them is a naturally occurring tunnel or cave through the middle of the main formation.  Be careful in there, because right next to the smoothed out walkway is a hole that opens up into about a six foot drop (and it’s hard to see because it’s low lit).
Just for the sake of a little fun, I crawled down into the hole for the above picture.  However, when my friend Rex Chatterman was visiting Peru, one of the ladies on his tour slipped down into the hole by accident and Rex had to climb down and carry her out.  This is the type of thing that happens when you go on crowded tours that attempt to pack people into the tiny little confined space (this is why I recommend just renting a taxi and checking out the ruins all by yourself).
Anyway, visiting Q’enqo is a pretty cool experience, make sure you go to Peru and check it out (American Airlines Flights).

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