The Curative Powers of Chilca Mud Baths!

Peruvians at one of the medicinal pools at Chilca, covering themselves with the mud cures all sorts of ailments

Here’s another one of the photos that Dr. Anonymous sent me recently.  This is a pretty striking photo actually, good work Dr. Anonymous.  I bet that poor group of mud bathers didn’t know they’d be immortalized forever on “Streets of Lima” when you took it (I’ll probably be getting a furious email threatening me with a “carta notarizado” unless I take this picture down shortly…oh well).

The first thing I thought when I saw that they were sitting in mud baths, was to wonder what happens when you pass gas while sitting in a mud bath.  Does one of those awesome, primordial perfect bubbles form on the surface of the muddy pool?  Do all the tourists watch it in horror?  Is the stench preserved?
I suppose the whole trick, if you were to attempt to pull a stunt like that, would be to make absolutely sure there was some sucker at the mud bath who you could get to take all the blame for it (or at least, be provoked to loudly deny it and thus ensure the hilarity of the moment).  Remember, if you can’t spot the guy who is going to take the fall, then YOU’RE the guy.  That’s the way of the world boys and girls.
Speaking of how nasty the world is…wow, I’ve been getting some combative comments on here lately.  You know folks, the whole problem with publishing today as opposed to publishing years ago is that today it’s really easy for every idiot in the universe to voice his or her opinion.
In the past, you actually had to be smart enough to work a printing press in order to propagate your words to any meaningful semblance of an audience.  These days, all you have to do is leech off totally awesome blogs like “Streets of Lima” in order to have  your voice more or less heard.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are people who participate regularly who have interesting thoughts I like to read…but occasionally you get people just flat out contradicting you.
For example, I have an article on this blog with a picture that shows three prostitutes standing next to an ATM (I’m not going to link to the article because I’m sure somebody’s just looking for an excuse to get angry at me).  Some dude wrote today, “I live in Miraflores and those are not prostitutes.”
Honestly buddy?  How is it that you think the fact that “you live in Miraflores” makes you some kind of expert on the universe.  Look, everyone who lives in Miraflores knows you can’t walk down Pizza street without getting propositioned by a prostitute.  Actually, it’s way better than it used to be, but there are still a fair number of prostitutes hanging around out there.  It’s not like it’s a bad area, or these people are even down on their luck (you see that on the outskirts of Lima and it’s not pretty)…no, the Miraflores situation is just a matter of making a quick buck (this is the opinion of most of the Peruvian women I know…so don’t start ranting and raving about how evil I am for presenting you their opinion).
What happens is, you’ll be walking along, and these girls will step in line with you and say, “why are you alone?” followed by “do you want company.”  At this point you say, “no” and they leave.  It’s not a big issue whatsoever (although some do get a little more pushy).  Word spreads pretty fast if that’s not something you’re into and they leave you alone after that.
Frankly, I got good at identifying prostitutes because I didn’t want them to waste my time.  I just don’t think that’s in the least bit erotic and that’s not something I do.  Single people like to go out for a drink and flirt a little bit, but what’s the frickin’ point if it’s some prostitute?  As far as I’m concerned, you shouldn’t even be flirting with your waitress or bartender.
So, yes, I know what the prostitutes of Pizza St. look like and all three of those girls in that picture are prostitutes (I’m talking about the girls in a picture in a different article, not the above one).  For some dude to write me and tell me they aren’t makes me think that he’s probably married to one of them and is denying reality.
Oh well…let the furious commenting begin…
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