The Election’s Over, Have a Pisco Sour

Democratic candidate Barack Obama won the US presidential election yesterday to the angst of some and the delight of others. It’s kind of interesting because RIGHT NOW is a moment for grand reflection on the media since facts have been revealed which have only been pontificated on for the 12 or so months leading up to this.
This would be a good time to stop and take stock of whether or not you’ve been getting bad information from your chosen news sources because you have irrefutable facts to evaluate those sources with.
For example, some news sources have been saying that the election wasn’t going to be “close” and that was just an invention by the “Liberal” media. These sources went on to say that Romney was going to win in a landslide. If you remember hearing any comments like this from your chosen news source, then you need to evaluate that source because the FACTS turned out to be that the election was close and that Obama did, in fact, win.  Honestly, if you’d been lead to believe anything else, you should feel a little bit furious right now that you were played like a cheap, pawn store instrument.
The national debt remains one of the main talking points (at least among my friends on Facebook). Yes, this debt needs to be reduced, but again the fact is that the majority of this debt has come from Republican presidents (Reagan, and Bush 1 and 2).  Clinton actually balanced the budget and turned over a surplus to W. which was promptly squandered.
Obama should have done better on the budget, but to his credit he hasn’t been increasing spending (check this fact because you’ll be surprised to note it’s true). The statistic is a little misleading because Bush turned over such a huge budget at the end of his last term, but Obama has been keeping it at more or less that level (he should be reducing it frankly…but we’ll see if he manages to this time around).
Speaking of the national debt, a tremendous idea occurred to me this morning. The two candidates managed to raise almost 2 Billion dollars towards their campaigns. I propose a 50% tax on all campaign donations that goes immediately to national debt relief. This is a great solution because it will still allow rich people to buy the election, but they’ll just have to pay a little more (we don’t want to cheapen the presidency by selling it for such a low amount). Also, whenever you make a campaign contribution, you HELP the country no matter which idiot you are supporting.  Finally, this will lead to approximately 50% fewer irritating TV ads! Let’s implement this!
Again, I have Facebook to thank for the Scary part of this election. Especially the comments of the wack-job religious folk there: For the last month I’ve been getting into Facebook arguments over whether or not Jesus would be in favor of providing health care to the poor and sick. For the record, most of the “Christians” I’ve encountered on Facebook declare that he wouldn’t. Slowly, I’ve been evolving into a wiser, smarter human being, but I still can’t help but instigate these morons from time to time. For now, whenever I see a religious fanatic making absurd claims, I always say, “Jesus must be with Obama, he couldn’t have won the election unless it was God’s plan.”
Oh, and speaking of that whole “God’s plan” thing, if you believe in things like that you really shouldn’t vote. After all, God’s plan is going to happen no matter what you do, so your actions are redundant right?
I don’t oppose people who claim they believe wack-job stuff, but I do get annoyed when they abandon it the second it leads to a line of thinking that might be actually useful.
Don’t worry about the future, it will take care of itself.

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