The Essence of Lima, Peru

I had one of my marvelous commenters scream at me a while back for referring to a Peruvian bus like that in the above picture as a “combi” rather than a “cooster” or however you spell the word (Cheap flights).  Technically the guy was right since the combis are the smaller converted mini-vans and this is more like a bus.

But the reason I called it a “combi” was because that’s the word I use for all the public transportation in Peru because it’s the word I like best.  To assume that I didn’t even know the other word because I didn’t use it was presumptuous (ok, that argument is ridiculous, I admit it, but I’m sticking by it).
The funny thing that the commenter said was that I obviously hadn’t spent too much time in Lima and that I obviously didn’t know all that much about it, and blah, blah, blah.  Wow, I find it constantly amazing how much information a person can deduce from the most minuscule bit of information.  I must have been dealing with a true genius to.  Gosh, now I’m starting to feel a little bit privileged that the guy took time out of his busy day of discovering new elements and cures for diseases to enlighten me as to how much time I’ve actually spent in Lima Peru.
Thank you kind sir, I’m sure you’ll be receiving a letter from the Nobel committee very soon.
Anyway, these buses, whatever you call them, are the essence of Lima, Peru (how’d you like that segue into the title?).  Ride them, and you’ll meet many interesting people, some of them self-proclaimed geniuses (United Airlines).
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  1. john

    Hey Ben, yes I'm still kicking, why not have a crack at yunsas ( or however it's spelt ), hope all is well with the wife and bub, love from all here, 12 months and the Mrs will be an Aussie even if she can't cope with vegemite.

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