The Ever Present Specter of Litigation

The thing that freaks me out about the US is the ever present specter of litigation.  If the woman in the above picture were in the US and she were hit by that car, on top of recuperating from her injuries, she’d also have to worry about the lawsuit the driver would slap her with for daring to scuff up his/her paint job.

And you know what…I’m only half-joking.
Recently I was sitting in a class and the teacher said something strange while introducing me to the students.
“Moving to Peru allowed him [meaning me] to give up security and gain freedom.”
It was a strange thing to say but it represented a kind of benchmark into the mentality of the typical American.  They all think that in Peru you’re giving up security in exchange for freedom.
But are you really so secure in the US?
This is the grand fallacy that I just can’t get people to admit.  THE US IS WAAAAY MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERU!!!
Sure, in Peru there might be a slightly greater risk that you’ll get your pocket picked, or somebody will short change you.  Buuuut….the thing is…American criminals aren’t preoccupied with chump change like what you have in your wallet.
An American criminal is going to do something like steal your identity, or get you to pay a ridiculous amount of interest on an impulse purchase you couldn’t afford…or make you inclined to purchase something impulsively by conditioning you tirelessly and endlessly.
Or, if you start getting into the real criminals in the US, you might find yourself paying a medical bill for 30 years even though you were never even given an itemized account of what you’re paying for.
America is more secure than Peru?
In America, there are people who can’t tell you who the secretary of state is, but they sure as shit know how to call up a lawyer and hit you with a lawsuit if your dog so much as shits on their lawn.  I don’t know if this is starting to be a high school class or what, but EVERYBODY knows how to litigate in America, and as a result everybody suppresses what they really think.  They walk around not as people but as hollow shells of people, desperately trying to hide the very basic essential elements of humanity that we all carry.
And why are they hiding them?
Because those elements make them VULNERABLE!
Nope, I didn’t exchange security for freedom when I went to Peru…I increased my amounts of both!

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