The Fountain at Plaza San Blas

When you’re planning your trip to Peru, be sure to give yourself a day or two to just walk around Cusco.  Actually that free time kind of works its way into your schedule naturally making Cusco one of the best holiday deals you can find.  Cusco is really the type of place they could put a fence around and charge you $50 just to enter.

The above image is the fountain/waterfall at Plaza San Blas.  I took this picture fairly early in the morning after finishing up a run with Roberto and Martin (they ran, I walked along and took pictures).
This Plaza San Blas is a pretty nice little quiet spot in Cusco.  I discovered it because I used to always stay at the Hostal Tupac Amaru (or at least, that’s where I sent my friends who came to visit me, I usually stayed at a hotel that was slightly cheaper).  Tupac Amaru is just a block or so away from the Plaza de Armas, which is always noisy with tourists and taxis.
Plaza San Blas is too small to be of much interest, thus making it of greater interest to folks like ME.  There are some little coffee houses nearby, so you can settle in, listen to the fountain, sip your non McDonald’s beverage, and enjoy life.  After hiking at the altitude, and dealing with the relative stress of travel, your quiet moments at Plaza San Blas might be the most relaxing part of your whole trip!
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