The Hostal Tupac Amaru, A Great Place to Stay in Cusco!

Tupac Amaru is still honored to this day in Cusco. Don’t you see him? He’s in that little picture on the left.Ok, ok, I guess I’m being a little sarcastic, but in all fairness, this image is of the central courtyard of the Hostal Tupac Amaru in Cusco. Now, a lot of people are scared off by the word Hostal, but believe me this is a really nice place to stay. It’s got a great view of the city, the rooms are elegantly furnished, and they feed you a great breakfast that even includes scrambled eggs (I love a scrambled egg breakfast, you don’t have to eat again until 2:30…unless you want to, and in Cusco you WILL want to).

Last time I went there the price was about $35 a night but that might have gone up a little bit. The thing is, Peru seems to be catching on that they can charge about 10 times what they’re currently charging tourists for rooms, etc., and they keep doubling their prices. This has gone on for quite some time, but the initial prices were so low that Cusco STILL could double two or three more times before they reach US rates.

It is kind of funny though. When you’re walking through Cusco you can find a clean room with hot water and a television for about $1-$3 a night, and right next to it there will be some ridiculous modern hotel which essentially is the same place but with an extra coat of paint, for $150-$300 a night. I remember backpacking through Cusco on various occasions and entering places to ask what the rates were and then just laughing in people’s face. BUT, if these places have figured out the existence of the internet, and get people to make reservations from the US or Germany online…why NOT charge that much? (note to all the honest people in the world, there’s nothing “dishonest” about charging ten to fifteen times what you think you’re worth…nobody ever got rich by giving a fair assessment of what they thought their value was, and chances are you’re underestimating your own worth anyway).

Most of the time I settled in to a S/. 30 place (although I bet even those are hard to find these days). But seriously, $10 a night for a room? Try to match that elsewhere in the world!

In case I’ve sold you, the contact information for the Hostal Amaru is:

Amaru Hostal
Cuesta San Blas #541
Telf./Fax. (084)225933

Oh, and they’ll guard your bags for a day or two while you head out to Machu Picchu. That’s pretty standard treatment in Cusco, but you probably don’t want to trust your bags to a S/. 10 hostal. Hostal Amaru, however, is reliable!

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