The Hotel in Urubamba

Having just come from Cusco and not having done any research or made any reservations, I found myself looking for a place to crash in Urubamba and completely unprepared. Although this is the type of scenario which would have most American tourists peeing in their pants and shouting obscenities to the nearest god they found convenient to ignore all the historical teachings of, I, on the other hand, did have the distinct advantage of knowing how to speak spanish. Also I am privy to the secret truth that, in Peru at least, if you ask a person for directions, they TELL you the truth (more or less).

Anyway, I was standing at the plaza in the center of Urubamba fending off an Ostrich when I dove into a moto taxi and said, “take me to a hotel with a garden.” I’d just come from lima and I wanted to see something green…indeed, having greenness surround me was a high priority.

Well, the mototaxista, being an affable sort, and obedient as it turned out, took me to a place called, “los jardines” (see photo).

A night in “los jardines” cost 60 soles and even had running water. I paid with a 20$ bill and they didn’t complain even though exchange rates at the time made it a good deal for me.

I’d go back, I’m thinking about heading out there on my bike one day.

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  1. 09/28/2016

    Hey Ward,
    Sorry about that! We were only there for a couple of hours actually on our way out to Urubamba, still inexcusable though I know. Beer for sure next time!

  2. 09/28/2016

    Que peina! You were in Cusco and neglected to stop by for a cerveza!

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