The Inca Basketball Court

I might have talked about this one already, but it bears repeating. Out in the middle of Tarapoto, there is a resort called “Puertas Palmeras” and it has an awesome basketball court which I call the Basketball court of the Incas. On that court, my wife Zulma destroyed me at shooting free throws. She was awesome.

I keep thinking that I want to invest some money and have my own little awesome resort like this in Tarapoto. I wonder how much it would cost? Probably nothing. The weird thing about real estate is that if nobody’s buying land in a place, the prices are real low, but then if it becomes all of a sudden popular, everything swells up like crazy. My guess is that little jungle retreats like this are only going to go up in value as the rest of the world gets totally screwed over…but what do I know?

Seriously though, all I’m basically day dreaming about lately is heading out to Tarapoto and playing basketball and then sitting around for the rest of the day floating lazily in the pool and feeding bananas to monkeys. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Heck, you can even play basketball in the pool apparently:

Wouldn’t it be great, too, to have some big reunion of friends and family in a random place like Tarapoto, Peru? Mark my words, fifty years from now, people are going to be flocking to this place. Maybe I should set up a retirement home there? Now that’s an idea!

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  1. Florian

    yeah, let's go to Tarapoto for a long weekend and play inca-basketball… and think about how this basketball court could be part of the REAL Indiana Jones 4, adventures in Peru, secenery…

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