The Inca Trail Day 2: Passing the Donkeys

The thing about the Inca trail is that it’s only wide enough for one person, but it’s a two-way trail.  This is fine until a caravan of donkeys comes along to run you down.  I mean, seriously, who wants to be pushed off a ledge and plummet to their death because of a couple donkeys?

Actually, the above picture is still just out of Cachora, so the Inca trail is still wide and in frequent use.  In fact, the trail is in pretty good shape like this pretty much all the way up to Choquequirao (I’m psyched to be going there again by the way, it’s awesome out there).
As I was walking along this, a couple of convoys of donkeys came along, you can watch to see the carnage that resulted:

Ok, so it wasn’t so much actual carnage as it turns out, but still pretty cool eh?

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