The Inca Trail Marathon

A friend of mine posted an image of the woman’s winner of the 2013 “Inca Trail Marathon,” which surprised me because I’ve never heard of such a thing. I remember when I worked at Living in Peru, that Carsten had bought the rights to the “Machu Picchu Marathon” (probably just by purchasing, but he hasn’t done anything with that either.
Anyway, a quick google search for “Inca Trail Marathon” sent me to this page which I believe is the home of the Inca Trail Marathon, and also contains the following disclaimer:

Do not be misled! There is no “official” Inca Trail Marathon. There cannot be because the Inca Trail is in a National Park. We organized our first Inca Trail Marathon in 1996. Benefit from our 18 years of Inca Trail experience. Compare the value and level of service offered in the Andes Adventures Inca Trail Classic and 26.2 Mile Marathon to ANY other company!

I guess that explains that, although it’s kind of sad that it’s impossible to have an “official” Inca Trail Marathon (perhaps something like that could take place out in Cachora…or some of the other less traveled trails).
It’s kind of interesting that this tour group has been doing their own “Inca Trail Marathon” for the last 17 years (and since 2008 they’ve been running it twice a year). It seems a bit expensive though at over $2,500.
All in all, I think this is a pretty neat/clever way to do the Inca trail trip. Now if somebody’d just organize an “official” sacred valley marathon, then you’d have something (it could all be downhill)!

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