The Instant Attacks on My Bohemia Hamburgers Recomendation

So yesterday I excitedly wrote to you all about where to get the best burgers in Lima, and I thought I made it pretty clear that although Bohemia doesn’t have a “great” burger, it’s a good solid Burger that makes you happy for having eaten it.

So there I was, happy and innocent and playing in the fields like a pretty little girl with long braided hair and a light blue vest with a white sash, when somebody came along and ruined my high. Why is it that people have to just utterly destroy any kind of effort at performing a good deed? I mean, I THOUGHT that people would be HAPPY to hear of a place in LIMA with a semi-decent burger. Instead, I get the following rant by…let’s call him Bruce…about how terrible this Burger is:

“I just came back from Bohemia and tried one of those burgers… You got my hopes up but I can not explain why you could of possibly thought that was a good burger. I dont know what kind of burgers they make in Wisconsin but where I grew up I would not of fed that to my dog. Maybe you have been living in Peru too long and do not remember what a real burger is like and I am not talking about fast food burgers. zero flavor in the meat! I can make a burger myself in peru on the grill that is ten times better then that I promise though its a challenge with the poor quality of shredded beef they sell here to get one the is exacly like the states but with the right spices you can get something tasty. Some people are wine snobs I am a burger snob( if the order of the universe would allow such a type of snob to exist)…I will have to say.. ‘I would rather be rolling in pig vomit while chewing down on some crusty cow dung while poking my eyes out slowly with a samari sword drenched in the blood of the cook that made me that burger today then to eat another one of those bohemian herpes infested dick gagging burgers!!!!'”

Now, I’m sure “Bruce” was just making a stab at humor, but he just fails to understand that I was doing him a FAVOR by making a recommendation. The consequence of such a rant as posted above (“Bruce” is probably unaware of this) is that I won’t be making any futher recommendations to him. Quick etiquette lesson for “Bruce” and the rest of the silent majority out there who need it:

When somebody makes a recommendation, be polite. If you don’t like the food say, “it was OK, but I didn’t care for it all that much.” However, if you say something like that, you should be prepared to offer what you believe is a better example. For example, “Bruce,” if you have a better Burger, invite me out to try it. After all, it’s easy to be critical of everybody and everything in the world, what’s HARD is to put yourself out there and be vulnerable where other people can judge YOU.

So, that’s my little rant for today. Feel free to try Bohemia burgers and chirp in on whether there is a better burger in Lima. Some have said TGIF’s or Tony Roma’s, but frankly, I don’t feel like spending 36$ for a meal that is essentially trailer park food back in the states and which somehow tries to package itself as true gourmet here in Lima.

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  1. Cben203

    Dude it's a Burger…..get over it…..LIfe is way to short….Ben when i'm in Liima in December i'll try Bohemia and if it sucks i'll just try another place lol

  2. Anonymous

    I have tried Bruce's burgers in Peru and they are the real deal! Bruce told me to say he welcomes the challenge.. Supply him with a cheap grill and he will do all the rest.

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