The Mysterious Face in the Ruins of Machu Picchu

I’ve received this email from several people, so I finally decided to just convert it to a bunch of images and display it as a slideshow. It’s actually a pretty nice group of photos of Machu Picchu (don’t worry if you can’t read the Spanish…the images are the important thing). At the end of the photos, they take one of the images of Machu Picchu and turn it on its side to reveal a FACE!
It’s amazing the number of people who get all worked up over something like this. To me, the “Face” looks a little bit doctored. Sure, the ruins kind of fall in a way that if you look at it from a certain angle and squint, it looks a little bit like a human face (sort of the way Wisconsin looks like an Indian head). But the thing is, if you look at the same set of ruins from EVERY OTHER ANGLE there IS NO FACE!
Plus, the lips and eyes are clearly retouched (go back two slides and you’ll see that the lips don’t even exist in that part of the mountain at all)…still, it’s a pretty effective slideshow presentation…look for it on where they debunk urban myths.

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  1. 09/28/2016

    The angle is a little high, but the first image is clearly altered. The rock formation that forms the lips just doesn't exist.

  2. Anonymous

    you are looking at it from a completely different angle, you have to look at it from a specific angle to see the face. I was there and saw it from the right angle and saw the face clearly

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