The Mystical Flute Player of Miraflores

If you’re walking around Miraflores in the summer, chances are you’ll come around the corner and be assaulted by the haunting refrains of the “Mystical Flute Player of Miraflores.” I’ve been coming to Peru for the last 8 years, and I always periodically see this guy. Usually he finds some little corner or abandoned building with good acoustics that he sits in front of and sways back and forth while he plays madly. You can’t go up and talk to him because he won’t stop playing, the guy kind of looks like one of those old sculpted images of pan or something.

Until recently, he didn’t even have a real flute, instead, he always played a piece of pipe that he’d cut holes into. Amazingly, it actually sounded OK (proving that the whole “musical instrument business” is just a big lie and people should just make all their own instruments out of pipes by themselves and pay .03 cents for them).

During the winter, the “Mystical Flute Player” retires to some greener pastures. He either goes over the mountains to the garden retreat of Shangri-la, or maybe he goes to Arequipa, or maybe he goes on a six month drunk beneath the local bridge…who knows? All I know is after this necessary rest period the guy is back in Miraflores, swaying on a stool as he plays his refrians ceaslessly with an almost pained expression on his face like Steevie Ray Vaughan used to wear.

Oh and he’s got a real flute now, so he’s got that going for him too.

Speaking of flutes, click here for an article about the absolutely best thing you could ever put in your mouth.

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