The Oldsmobile Toronado Is Alive and Well In Lima, Peru

This is my friend Owen’s car, his Oldsmobile Toronado, his pride and joy.  The dude has Mustangs and a Mercedes or two, but this is the one that, given a choice, he’s most likely to pick for an afternoon drive.

At first glance, I didn’t understand why, but after looking at the Toronado for a while, I started to see his point.
First of all, the car looks like the Batmobile.  I mean, look at it!  It’s frickin’ awesome!  It’s like this huge aerodynamic wing that just kind of floats along the road upon a pillar of monstrosity.  That’s the second point too…the car is BIG!  It’s big by American standards so in Peru it’s GARGANTUAN!  You essentially have no business driving a car like this around on the roads of Lima, which is why Owen is as happy as a pea in a pod doing just that!
I asked Owen about the name…just what is a Toronado?  Is it some sort of mystical mutation between a Bull and a Tornado.
“No, it doesn’t mean anything,” Owen replied, “it’s just typically American…Americans need a name for something so they just randomly make something up.  Don’t have a name for your car? Toronado…BOOM…done!”
If Owen says it’s so, it must be.  Long live the Toronado!
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