The Original Streets of Lima Header

Those of you who are good and loyal human beings/readers of “Streets of Lima” might recognize the above image as the original header of this best of Peru (Cheap Flights to Peru) web page.  As you can see, the original name of this page was “Streets of Peru” and, in fact, that’s what still appears on the blogspot url:

At first I didn’t like “Streets of Lima” but it has grown on me like most things that I probably wouldn’t have chosen for myself but eventually ended up with (hehehe, I’m going to leave that intentionally vague with the hope that you’ll all be wandering around going, “what could he be talking about?”).
To be absolutely honest, the things I’ve enjoyed most in my life have been things that have been forced upon me or which somebody else has chosen.  I’m a total non-advocate of free will and I think most human beings would be happier in an absolute dictatorship (but that’s a rant for another day).
My mad photoshop skills were on full display in the original header as you can see.  The thing I don’t like about it is the prevalence of the color blue.  But when you come right down to it…blue’s not a color I hate.  It just seems like a waste of good real estate to have so much blue framing in there.
I sent off the picture on the left of me drinking a Cusquena on the peak of Wayna Picchu to Cusquena for them to use it in their advertising…but they never wrote me back, the bastards.  I mean, I would have sold it to them for a mere eight or twelve million Soles.
Anyway, there’s another little piece of history for you all.  Take a screen shot of this and put it up in the Smithsonian!  While you’re at it, get a good picture of yourself down at Machu Picchu (American Airlines Flights).
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  1. Laurel

    Thought maybe Streets of Lima was a play on the song title Streets of London, by Ralph McTell. The lyrics do seem relevant to what you would discover on the Streets of Lima on any given day: check it out on youtube:

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