The Ovalo de Miraflores

Here is a picture of the Ovalo de Miraflores that I got off some SPAM advertisement thing that was clogging up my inbox. I realized in my last post that I hadn’t done an article about the Ovalo de Miraflores it and it shocked me…yes SHOCKED me ladies and gentlemen, because the Ovalo de Miraflores is the single most important place for a tourist to know in Lima. It’s the reference point that all the taxi drivers know (well, some of them CLAIM they don’t know where it is, and when that happens you should just find another taxi…a taxi driver in Lima who hasn’t heard of the Ovalo de Miraflores is like a taxi driver in New York who hasn’t heard of the Statue of Liberty).

As you can see from this extremely doctored night shot, the Ovalo is a happening place. Just to the right there (bottom right for you sticklers) is Saga Falabella (a good place for Bikini shopping). Cross the street from Saga and you have the Pacifico movie theatre (I still remember seeing films like “The Bourne Identity” and “The Core” there…actually Pacifico is a pretty crappy theatre by comparisson to the others in Lima…but it’s convenient).

Right next to the Pacifico is McDonald’s (you’d have to be an idiot to go there) and Haiti, the best Cafe in the universe.

The street that goes by Haiti is called El Diagonal, and if you walk down it far enough, you’ll eventually get to Pizza Street, or the road to perdition as I call it. There they serve a Big Beer!

To the left of el Diagonal is Parque Kennedy, named after the famous American President, and if you continue walking to the left, you cross La Tequila Rock, before finally getting to Larco (oh for the love of god, I haven’t done an article on Larco yet anyway…oh well, here’s one on Larco Mar).

Crossing Larco, you get over to the section of town where you can find Astrid and Gaston. Incidentally, most of these links include maps in case you need to orient yourself.

Yes, the Ovalo de Miraflores has it all…I’ve only been mentioning it in every other article I’ve ever written on this page as if that wasn’t proof enough. For the longest time, a friend of mine and I thought we should buy the actual circle of land in the center of the Ovalo and build a Denny’s there…because, come on…who couldn’t go for a nice big Denny’s breakfast at four in the morning after a long night of drinking? But, thankfully, we never went through with it…mostly because we had more drinking to do!


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  1. Anonymous

    I PRACTICALLY LIVE IN PARQUE KENNEDY. it amazing!! the amount of things you can do, day or night are amazing. from buying, to dancing, to sight seing, to eating, to movies, to walking, church, cat feeding (theres a place of abandoned cats), to drinking and more drinking, ARE AMAZING!! hope we cross each other one day!!

  2. 09/28/2016

    Holiday at Miraflores is a wonderful idea as it has got 8 beaches with impressive green spaces housed in the pacific. Also there are many beautiful and attractive Lima hotels to stay in and take rest after the whole day extreme excursion.

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