The Sacred Sacrificial Altar

This is a photo from my first visit to Machu Picchu way back in 2003 or 2004 (I think). As you can see, one of the coolest things that you see when you visit the sacred ruins aren’t necessarily the ruins themselves, but the skies in the background. In all honesty, there must be some kind of supercharged weather system that lives right over Machu Picchu, because every single time I’ve been up there, the winds and clouds have been phenomenal to sit and look at (cheap flights).

The above image is one of various sacrificial altars that can be found on and around the premisis. Some of the tour guides say that these things were only used to slaughter Alpaca or Llamas. Others say that they were used on small children who were gathered up from around the valley and chosen because they were the most beautiful kids around (and that to be chosen was a great honor…sounds like the type of prize I’d win). You can’t really tell what the truth is, but it’s my guess that if you build a sacrificial altar…sooner or later a person’s going to get sacrificed on it (I better slow down before I start irritating the NSA…National Sacrifical Altar Assosciation…”Sacrificial Altars don’t kill people…people do!”).

As always, to get to Cusco you probably are going to have to fly either LAN or Taca (flights with Taca). It’s only an hour trip.

So get out there and get crackin’ on your trip to Machu Picchu…I’m not sure that you can’t bring some sort of animal to sacrifice on that altar…I’ve never asked, but that smells suspiciously of the type of thing they’d just say no to…so until they actually say you can’t do it, it’s best to presume you can.

Happy travels!

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  1. Thomas

    The last estimate I heard is the train to MP will be closed for at least 2 months. Don't take me at my word on that. I'd say by June it should be back up and running. Regarding flights I strongly recommend against LAN. They are charging non residents of Peru a $178 surcharge on top of the ticket cost. I recommend TACA over LAN

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