The Stone Christ of Uskil

A long time ago I went out to one of the provincial cities of Peru. Uskil it’s called (or maybe Uskill) and it was way up there in the mountains. It was one of those places where people point at you and say:

“Look, a gringo!”

And when you tell them you’re from the US, they respond:

“The US? What part of Peru is that?”

Honestly, when I went to Uskil, it was too much for me, I was young and stupid and I really didn’t pick up as much as I should have. But hey, that’s how you learn.

Anyway, the people of Uskil were very proud about a pattern of stones that appeared in a rock face that, to them, looks like an image of the crucified Christ. You can see the image up above. Some people see Christ there, some people don’t. But whatever your personal opinion, the people of Uskil regard this “Christ” image reverently (despite the fact that the Spanish brought Christianity over to Peru, and they don’t really like the Spanish here very much).

I don’t know, I guess it just strikes me as funny that people can look at a random pattern of stones and take it as proof of some higher power, but when they look at other random patterns of stones and they see NOTHING, that doesn’t indicate a proof of a LACK of a higher power.

Still, if it makes them happy, that’s fine by me. But what I’m curious about is whether this stone image was thought to be some Inca god before the Spanish came. Maybe…probably…who knows?

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