The things you miss when you’re away

It’s funny the stuff you randomly start to miss when you’ve been away from a country for a while.  I was just browsing through some photos and I came across this image of the hamburger from Bohemia and I thought to myself, “man, that looks good!”

And you know, I have a history with this darn hamburger.  I wrote an article a long time ago about how Bohemia had the best hamburgers in Lima, and my friend Clyde checked them out and violently disagreed with me (you can read all about it here–go to the comments).  He said that it wasn’t a very good hamburger, which wasn’t the point…the point was that it was the best you could find in Lima that wasn’t in some crappy, overpriced US food chain like TGI Friday’s or whatever (what kind of idiot would go to TGI Friday’s in LIMA?).
Sure, the Bohemia burger doesn’t taste like a brilliant hamburger in the US, and perhaps the first time you bite into one you might think “Oh…something’s wrong!”  It definitely has a distinctive flavor.  However, once you figure out that that’s just what the flavor is like and you train your mind to understand that there isn’t anything wrong with the meat, then you can move on to enjoying the burger.
My wife’s had the same problem here with the chicken.  She says “American” chicken tastes funny and she’s afraid to go to KFC.  She’s probably right actually since American chickens are pumped so full of hormones and other god awful chemicals so that you can hardly even call them a living animal anymore…they’re just water balloons filled with lab spunk now.
So maybe, keeping all that in mind…just maybe…the PERUVIAN hamburger is the way hamburger is actually SUPPOSED to taste since it came from a Peruvian cow and not some American lab experiment.
But that’s not really what I wanted to say.  I just wanted to mention that I miss waking up at about 11 on a crisp Lima morning and walking along with my wife to Bohemia (which is like 4 blocks from where I lived in Lima) and getting a nice big juicy hamburger that you can’t eat without having grease and egg yolk spill all over your face.
So, if you’re in Lima right now, go and have a Bohemia hamburger for me.

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  1. Anonymous

    Pollo a la GRASA! There's not a drop of grasa in el pollo a la brasa!

  2. Anonymous

    lol, you can at least explain to him what you mean. Abrazo means Hug, "Pollo a la Brasa" is what you mean to say. Personally, I call it Pollo a la Grasa, but it is great.

  3. Anonymous

    The "pollo abrazo" HOW CUTE!!!
    Really, it's like getting an abrazo whenever you eat it…

  4. AlexQ

    I think the flavor of the hamburgers is maybe aji panca (thinking of Bembo's)? I've only eaten there twice, so it is hard to say.

  5. Rodney

    Oh yeah, the chicken here is the best. I even like the flavor of the hamburger here. I buy it at the mercado and make my own though. The only thing I miss from America is a GOOD SHARP WISCONSIN CHEDDAR! I love my cheeses. 🙂

  6. 09/28/2016

    Alright, so where is it? I'll check it out in September when I'm back. Your wife is right about the chicken by the way. Peru has the best and I'm not just referring to their pollo abrazo either (which I love!), but the good ol' pollo de mercado is a staple i truly miss. Add to that street vendor anticucho and the wicked choclo fro a back ally stand in surquillos, man I mis that! And nothing, NOTHING, beats the flavor of the Peruvian limon. I know you've written about it before, but it is a super food that has no equal IMHO 🙂

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