The View from Las Incas: Pizza Street

So I was just sitting around happily on Pizza street the other day enjoying my big beer and hoping the Rotweilers weren’t out in force that night, when it occured to me that I should take some photos.

Now, as you know, you can’t take a decent picture with any of those cheap point and shoot cameras like we all have. Sure, the world is filled with colors, but in order for the camera to focus on things, it needs that horrible flash and the horrible flash whitens everything out and makes it look like garbage.

On several occasions, I’ve gotten around this by proping my camera up against something, taking a picture WITHOUT the flash, and just praying that I held it steady enough. If you’ve got a tripod it works fine, if you’ve even got a handy table-top to steady it, the picture comes out OK, if you’re holding it in your shaky alcoholic hands…no dice.

In this case, I had a couple tables nearby so I took a couple shots that show what pizza street is like at night after a couple hard drinks.

That’s a shot of next door. If you were to walk by, the waitress would run out and assault you with offers for free drinks, free beer, pizza and anything else you might want…and I do mean anything.

This picture should be the cover of my autobigraphy. I’d call it “The Plant in the Corner people threw up in” it’d sell a million copies and I wouldn’t have to write blogs anymore.

Whoops, things are getting slippery…too many drinks.

There! That’s how the calle de los pizzas really looks…just like that!

You see, this picture was taken with a flash, the harsh cruel light always exposes the horrible truth, that’s why you should make sure you get back home to bed before dawn…nobody wants to see what you were dancing with in the daytime, especially not you.

I like that guy on the left though, he’s out on the prowl like some kind of wild beast. Good luck to you my friend, I lift my big beer to you!

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