Traditional Peruvian Fishing Boats Near Trujillo

Except for an image of yourself at Machu Picchu, a picture like this in front of some traditional Peruvian fishing boats near Trujillo (I’m not exactly sure where I was honestly…but it was definitely in Peru) are some of the most popular images you see from people’s trip to Peru (cheap flights to Lima).

Dudes actually go out on those little boats and play about in the water looking for crabs or something.  I suppose they have to stay out there all day too…or at least long enough to have caught enough crabs to take home for dinner and cook that night.
Imagine that!  Imagine if all you had to do in the day was get up and go fishing to get enough food for yourself for that day!  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  I mean, look at that idiot in the background of the picture who is obviously a tourist.  He probably feels pretty smug and superior about himself when he sees these simple fishermen going about their daily tasks.  But the last laugh is on him really, since they get to go swimming in the ocean every day, and if they don’t want to they can just sleep on the beech all day long.  Whereas that idiot sits in his fancy cubicle making enough money to buy those fancy “convertable to shorts” cargo pants that EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN’ TOURIST wears down to Peru.
You know, the more I sit here in the US writing this blog and thinking of my 10 years in Peru, the more I wish I were back there.  In the US, you’re surrounded by thieves…but they don’t have the courtesy to pull knives on you or grab you in a dark alley.  Nope, the thieves in the US…you know what they do?  They send you a BILL!  But not just one bill, they send you a bill every single month and if you don’t pay it they send you a subpoena.  You NEVER see these people and they don’t provide you with any service, but if you don’t pay them their monthly stipend, they make all sorts of problems for you.  It’s a truly psycho situation here.
And all this nonsense about how you should work hard and save for the future when you’re old and can’t take care of yourself…well, that’s just ridiculous too.  Because if there’s anything that life’s told me it’s that the SECOND you’re prepared for some eventuality then SOMETHING ELSE is going to happen.  So I’m sure that the INSTANT I had my portfolio all ready and I finally sat back with a sigh of relief, it’d be right THEN that I would be hit by some massive heart attack or an asteroid or some other ridiculous random form of death (and some other jerk-off would get to enjoy the bounty of all my hard work).
So, you should follow my philosophy in life and just not work at all, because chances are that no matter what you do, somebody else is making 10 or a 100 times as much money on your labors as you are and to HECK with that guy!  The only way you can be sure that nobody’s making money off you is if you aren’t working at all…and even then I’m not all that sure.
Anyway, it’s a lot easier to get by without doing all that much in Peru (American Airlines Flights), so I recommend you go there today!

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  1. doctor289

    From Peruvian fishing boats to your retirement getting all fucked up by something or other.

    You blogs are like a Simpsons episode: they start of somewhere and end up, after several tangents, somewhere else. Great!

    Anyway getting back to the retirment thing and planning for the future.

    This reminds me of some thoughts that crossed my mind in 2001 after the Enron Scandal and various other corporate scandals, dot com crashes and so on (and re-surfaced with the Bernie Madoff scandal).

    At the time I was in my early 30s and had been paying into mutual funds for some time. My US$50000 was suddenly worth about US$8000.

    Pretty annoying but still plenty of time for them to recover (they have still not by the way) and for me to make more money so I do not have to work until I drop.

    What happens if you have just retired at 60 or 65 after providing a good education for your kids and leading a decent and honest life and some avaricious fuck wipes out your life savings?

    You have to start work all over again just to keep a roof over your head? Fuck that!

    Get a gun, get pretty good with it(I would recommend a Ruger Mk 11 target pistol as at 0.22 calibre you are unlikley to kill anyone with it), go down to whereever Bernie Madoff or whoever´s fucking trial is taking place and shoot his fucking kneecaps out.

    He will live out the rest of his life un-ending pain and you will go to prison where you will have: a roof over your head, three square meals a day, dental and health care.

    Beats the hell out of living in a box under a bridge.

    If you are married get your wife to buy the gun and drive you to the courthouse. She will become and accomplice and will be taken care of too.

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