Travel Peru and Go to Iquitos

There I am in the middle of the rainforest in Iquitos Peru. Let me just tell you that if you haven’t ever been to the rainforest, it’s something that you have to see. It’s like being in the center of the respiring lungs of the world. Seriously, you feel like you’re in the center of some vast, uncontrollable organism and anybody who tells you any stories of the rainforest being in any kind of danger seem just sort of laughable.

Speaking of that, have you ever noticed how the people that are most willing to complain about the rainforest being cut down are also the same people who are the least willing to do anything about it? I have an idea for a campaign, I think Peru should offer a “rainforest rental” fee on a yearly basis that groups like Greenpeace can pay so that the Peruvian rainforest doesn’t get cut down.

You see, the fact is that lumber is a major industry and there are a lot of people who depend on it to survive in Peru. So really, when some hemp wearing dentist from Boise, Idaho watches a Discovery channel show and then gets a bug up his bundle to go and write a bunch of nasty accusatory comments on various webpages just so he can retire to the local veggie bar and feel smug about himself…essentially all he’s doing is contributing to the cyber-sense of unease (and his momentary and misplaced sense of self-satisfaction is only going to lead to something ugly in my opinion).

Seriously, have you ever noticed how…well basically EVERYBODY, is constantly making a lot of noise but never actually DOING anything. Most people are really frickin’ pathetic if you ask me. I mean, take the aforementioned dentist. The guy thinks he’s JUSTIFIED in ranting and raving about saving the rainforest, but essentially what he’s proposing is that impoverished people in Peru give up THEIR livelihood so that HE can feel better about some ILLUSORY perspective on how the world runs.

Now, if those people really gave a shat about the world, they’d work 29 hrs a day at every job they could get in the ridiculously overpriced US (where even employees at McDonald’s make more than college professors in Peru), just so they could send their money to Peru in order to buy their “no deforestation” permit that Peru can issue every year (and thus help the Peruvian economy so they don’t have to rely on lumber–see how that works?).

You see, if a person was willing to live in poverty and pay a ridiculous amount of money to a developing nation every year to prevent deforestation, THEN I might listen to the guy. But when that person probably lives by himself in a ten bedroom house with a 55 inch plasma TV in every room and a H2 Hummer (although the general consensus is finally starting to swing around to the idea that everybody who owns one of THOSE is a moron) in the garage, his opinion all of a sudden becomes rather moot.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

And, no, I don’t live in absolute poverty in case you were wondering. But I do live in a developing country and I’m not running around writing stupid articles that are printed on “green” paper and in general acting like I’m a superior Earth worshipper or whatever.

I basically subscribe to the philosophy, “save the planet, kill yourself.” And for people who aren’t extremists, I am willing enough to accept that most people are doing the best they can.

Here’s one of those Amazon trees. If you cut this down, the thing’d probably grow back in about a year or two (you can’t beat the rain forest, you can only hope to contain it):

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  1. Paul

    Hi Ben,

    Just discovered your blog. I like it! Keep it up.

    My family left Peru for Miami when I was very young, but I love reading about the place where I grew up in.

    Greeting from Miami.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Ben,
    Some of your blogs are so hillarious. I just read that one about the Coke/Cristo sticker and this one is also funny. I could not agree more. That spiel about smug Americans reminds me of how there is almost always someone who capitalizes off environmental campaigns. Uninformed Americans are simply pawns in this game, take for example the campaign against freon. It was created by DuPont because their patent was running out and they wanted to sell their new patented replacement. Imagine if all those hippies had realized the truth. Your description of the rainforest reminded me of being in a redwood forest. I haven't been in Lima very long but I will be sure to visit the rainforest before I leave. Thanks for the smiles!
    Howard Studstill

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