Very Safe Hole in the Street

So, I find myself wondering what an appropriate article would be for the day after Christmas. Actually, I’m so blitzed on Chocolate truffles and Egg Nog that I can’t really think about it, so I’ll just randomly go through the photos that I’ve already loaded up on this blog and write whatever pops into my head.
Ok, the above image was taken on some random side street to Angamos.  It’s pretty hard to tell what it’s even a picture of because I took it in the middle of the night with a crappy Blackberry telephone…but let me walk you through it.
What you’re looking at is a massive SQUARE hole in the street that somebody covered up by throwing a CIRCULAR man hole cover over.  Unfortunately, the circular man hole cover wasn’t big enough, and it left behind a more or less triangular hole with a ten inch side.  Believe me when I tell you that this hole was of ample size to swallow up your running shoe clad foot and munch it into oblivion.
Luckily, I managed to see this massive hole and I didn’t discover it by stepping into it (even though it was dark).  If you were to come across something like this in the US, your strategy would be to run right into it so you could sue the municipality of whatever city you were in and be set for life (that’s how Americans think).  But if you tried to pull that crap in Peru, they’d just laugh in your face and then sentence you to fifty years hard labor on some trumped up charge.  This is because Peruvians haven’t become a bunch of whining, weak, dipshits like Americans are.
One more reason to love Peru.
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