I love that I titled this article “walkers.” Yeah…that’s a good title, it completely sets you up for what you’re about to see.

I took this picture as I was driving along the Sacred Valley just out of Ollantaytambo. The taxi driver stopped and I had to pull out my blackberry because my damn camera had died by then.
Apparently there was some sort of festival going on, or maybe not, maybe this is just the way these people dress every day. And good for them!
You know, having come from a small town in Northern Wisconsin where you used to get looked at weird for not wearing a flannel lumberjack shirt, I’ve got all these deeply rooted reactions to seeing people walking along happily like this. I used to bike race and just riding around on the highway in a pair of biker shorts was enough to have some jerk-off in a pick-up run you off the road and start spitting beer on you (it got really kinky after that).
But one of the coolest things about Peru is that you can pretty much just walk around like this, as long as you have at least one friend and probably a four or five horn band following along behind you.
Seriously, it CAN’T be their first time walking dressed like that, I mean look at those SHOES, she HAD to have practiced, and quite a bit I’d guess!

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