Walt Says Pedestrians to Blame for Lima Traffic

Yesterday I wrote an article about those railings on Pardo that you can see in the above picture.  I just mentioned that they’re a pain because the center of Pardo is the safest place to walk (no garage doors smashing into you, or Pitucos pulling out of their bank parking space without looking and crashing into your baby carriage), and you should sprint over there if you see a break in the traffic.

However, this fairly innocent comment drew the ire of some dude named “Walt” who has been living in Peru for 20 years and who has never had to wait more than 2-4 minutes to cross Pardo.  You can read all of his awesome comments here.  Apparently, according to Walt, it’s MY fault that Lima traffic is out of control.

You know, this represents the hazard of using the internet, or being any kind of public figure whatsoever.  Actually, this is half the reason I’m not teaching anymore as well.  Inevitably you’re going to meet some blowhard idiot who thinks he’s a genius who has to “explain” something to you and simply won’t shut up even though he looks stupider with ever word he says (every “he” in that sentence can be switched for a “she” by the way).

All you have to do is read yesterday’s article and it’s pretty frickin’ obvious I’m using a facetious tone.  In fact, this whole frickin’ web page is facetious (I’ll include a link to a definition for Walt).  Do you really think I’m seriously suggesting that somebody go out there and rip up every part of that metal fence?

I used to have a test to determine whether or not a person I’d newly met was an idiot or not.  I’d say something like, “we might as well order cheap wine because after the first glass it all tastes the same anyway.”  This is pretty clearly a joke, nevertheless, there is a personality type out there who will look at you with utter seriousness and declare, “well, that’s totally not true!”

Actually, the people that would say something absurd like that can be divided into several groups as well.  There are some that are just on a hair trigger to correct you if you say anything that even remotely approaches an incorrect statement, and then there are the ones that are just stupid.  Sometimes people get half way through correcting you before they notice from your smirk that you were only kidding so they hush up and feel stupid for a moment. Other ones just go on a four hour lecture and become deaf to anything further you have to say.  These ones are great because you can continue making absurd comments to the delight of any listeners all while the stern lecturer carries on confused as to why he/she is not receiving the public adoration he/she deserves.

The best people, of course, are the ones who just laugh with you and continue on with the party.

The worst thing about idiots, though, is that you can get drawn into a “discussion” with them which is always going to be a complete waste of your time.  Again, I have teaching to blame for some of my bad habits.  As a teacher, you MUST answer all questions honestly and respectfully.  If you don’t, the student won’t ask any questions again, and a student who is unwilling to ask a question simply isn’t going to learn anything.  So I courteously take people seriously when they make asinine comments like this Walt guy far too often.

I included the above photo today because it’s just another in about a million pieces of evidence to show Walt’s position is completely absurd.  He suggests that you should go to the lighted pedestrian crosswalks, when you can clearly see from the photo above that there are access points to Pardo that have no pedestrian lights.  I suppose he thinks the above gardener is “part of the problem” for choosing to cross the street at one of those officially designated places and not continuing on until he reaches an intersection with traffic lights.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing Walt’s comments to this article (facetious tone again).  But hey, it’s the internet.  At least we’re not on Facebook right now which is truly the black hole for intellectualism.  I allowed myself to get into a debate there over whether or not science had any merits. I should know better than to waste my precious time engaging these brain dead idiots.  Somebody should invent stem cell research that uses people who spend their whole day on Facebook as subjects.

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