Weird Paternity Test Ad in Peru

Here’s another photo from Owen. I assume he was waiting in line at a bank when it took this because of the incomprehensible numbers down at the bottom. Taking a picture at a bank is akin to taking your life in your hands, because there are always a half dozen cracker jack guards waiting to flip out at you the second you pull out a phone. Go try it sometime! Head into a bank or a shopping center in Peru and start taking pictures and see how long it takes for somebody to tell you it’s “prohibido.”
Anyway, the ad above the numbers is strange. The image is that of a man cradling a child and the words say, “Having a child is a hope, not a problem” (in this context the word “esperanza” has a slightly larger meaning than “hope” but I can’t think how to better translate it, perhaps “A child brings hope, not problems”).  Ok, that message is fine, but then we get the kicker down below where it reads, “Take a paternity test now!”
Apparently the advertisers in Peru think there are enough young men burdened with children they don’t believe they fathered living in Peru, that it is profitable to launch an advertising campaign designed to sell paternity tests. I suppose this is kind of the essence of the “machista” mentality.
Isn’t it crazy how much you can learn about a whole culture just by waiting in line at a bank? I wonder how accurate those paternity tests are? Also, what’s “Coris” anyone know?

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