What are those Bulls on the Rooftops in Cusco?

When you hike around Cusco, one of the things you’ll notice are little ceramic bulls sitting on the tops of the roofs of all the houses. If you haven’t noticed those, you were probably too busy reading your completely worthless guidebook, or studying your Spanish survival phrases manual (either of these activities is completely useless because the phrase manual doesn’t have swear words in it, and the tour book doesn’t have any place you want to go…you’re better off just using hand signals and following some random dude into a dark alley).

But getting back to those bulls, what’s the deal?

Well, I get all my information about things by asking the first random person I meet. I never ask TWO people because sometimes I get contradictory information, so I have to go and do tedious RESEARCH, and then one person turns out to be wrong (very rarely is it the case that seemingly contradictory answers are BOTH correct…and when it is, the whole subject is way too complicated for me to be interested in).

So, one time I was in Cusco and I asked some Peruvian dude about the Bulls on the roofs and he said that people put them up there and fill them with Chicha (which is the alcoholic version of the popular corn drink in Peru), and that it’s for good luck.

Well, that sounds plausible enough for me. Case closed!

(P.S. it WAS my fault, I was posting things back for January 3rd, 2009…one more point to the programmers…dang and blast it!)

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