What You Need for a “Permisso Para Firmar Contrato”

If you spend any amount of time in Peru, you might need to sign a contract even though you’re only there on a tourist visa.  A lot of people are under the impression that you can’t buy property, etc., unless you’re a resident of Peru, but that’s not the case (half of America is owned by people who aren’t American, so why should Peru be any different?).

But even if you aren’t buying property, you can’t even sign a lease to an apartment if you don’t have a “Permisso Para Firmar Contracto” otherwise known as a special permission to sign contracts.  Funnily enough, you need this even if you want to get married, in fact, if you sign your marriage certificate and you don’t have the “Permisso,” your marriage is null and void (although a clever lawyer could probably still get you if it came to that)!
It’s always a pain in the butt to go down to the immigration office, so get there early.  If you’re the first one through the door, the lines aren’t so bad.  The address is:
Ave. España 734, BREÑA
Which is here:

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In case you can’t read the card, here is what it says you need:

Form F-OO4 (this is free, they hand it to you when you walk in the door…so don’t let anyone make you pay for it)
Pay S/. 12.43 in the Banco de la nacion on the first floor
Original and copy of your Passport (both the picture page and the page that shows your entry stamp)
Original and copy of your “Tarjeta Andina” (the piece of paper they give you when you enter the country)
Pay $50 in the Banco de la nacion (you have to ask for the pay order at window 5 on the 3rd floor)
So here is the procedure.
Go to Brena, on your way to the immigration office stop at one of the little kiosks and get a bunch of copies of your passport (the photo page, and the page with your entry stamp) and your Andian card.  You don’t want to get stuck waiting in line to get these things inside the Immigration office.
Once you have your copies, enter the immigration office.  Upon entering, turn to the desk to your immediate left.  Tell them you want a “Permiso de firmar contratos.”  They’ll give you form F-004.  Fill it out (it just asks for your address in Peru, document number, signature, etc.).  Then go to window 5 on the 3rd floor.
At Window 5, say, “Permiso de firmar contratos?” and hand her your passport, form F-004, and your copies.  She’ll look it over for a minute and stamp some things and then give you a little piece of paper that says you have to pay $50 to the Banco de la Nacion on the first floor.  Thank her and take your documents back down to the first floor, the Banco de la Nacion is to the right coming off the final set of stairs.
Wait in line and pay for both the $50 and the S/. 12.43.  I’m not sure they accept American Dollars there, so make sure you have enough Nuevo Soles.
The woman at the Bank will give you a receipt (like in the picture above), take this along with your passports back up to Window 5 on the 3rd floor.
Give your receipt to the woman there.  She’ll look it over, contemplate it for a while, then tell you to go have a seat.  She’ll then stick your passport and the receipts in a pile for a while.
You wait.
Eventually the woman gets up and hands the pile of passports she’s accumulated to the guy with the magic stamp.  The stamp says “Permiso de Firmar Contratos” and it’s applied in the visa section of your passport and signed.  When this is done, the woman calls you and returns your passport.
You’re free to go.
This is usually a 2-3 hour ordeal depending on how many people are there.  If you get there early though, you can probably get it done in around 45 minutes.
This isn’t even the most difficult little piece of bureaucracy you have to deal with in Peru.  Hope this helps.
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