The thing about Lima is that there are always a couple prostitutes hanging around. I took this picture as I was walking home the other day. This is right in the middle of Miraflores, one of the nicer districts, and there, clustered appropriately around the cash machine is a congregation of prostitutes. I didn’t want to get any closer to take a decent picture because…well…i’d probably have to pay for it and there’s no way that I was going to pay these girls any money for anything.

This picture is right at the corner of Pizza Street (officially known as Calle San Ramon) and Diagonal (right next to Parque Kennedy)…click here for a map. In addition to Prostitutes, on Pizza Street you will find Bricheras and Peperas (girls who drug guys and then rob them), and  fraternity guys who are in Peru on vacation and making idiots of themselves. There are also usually a bunch of “respectable” businesmen who spend their whole lives complaining about people who live on the darker side, but take every chance they get to vacation there and have sex with those people, only to go home to their traditional picket fence house and happy family and transfer some South American strain of an STD to their doting wife (who’s probably transferred her share of nastiness to him as well…it’s a vicious cycle).
When they’re not seemingly endlessly strolling back and forth along Pizza street, the prosti’s (“Prosty the prostitute…la la la lalalalaaaaaaaa!”) come from the Tequila. The Tequila or Tequila Rock is a bar just across from Parque Kennedy that is sort of the hive from which the prostitutes go buzzing out of.
What I find interesting is that intelligent girls with real jobs absolutely HATE these prostitutes. There’s no sympathy like, “poor girl, reduced to that hard life.” Nope, it’s all 100%, “what a lazy hunk of garbage…she’s selling her body because she doesn’t want to WORK!”
I’m a little bit more accepting of it I suppose, and by that I mean I don’t call them garbage. I suppose everybody’s got a price, so we shouldn’t judge.